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soul—跟随灵魂找到你 soul—跟随灵魂找到你 soul—跟随灵魂找到你 soul—跟随灵魂找到你 soul—跟随灵魂找到你

The description soul—跟随灵魂找到你 Apk

完全免费的良心社交APP,获得“腾讯优秀应用推荐”,“至美应用”,“极光奖”的Soul APP是一款“温暖,有趣的心灵社交APP”。数千万年轻用户在此,无顾虑的诉说心情,遇见爱情。很多人因此成为了朋友,男女朋友,甚至夫妻。爵士乐手胡莎莎(Apple),插画大师乌猫老师,阿里巴巴影业制片人都强烈推荐的“Soul”心灵社交软件”。时下超火的弱关系社交,通过完成30秒的“灵魂测试”,来找到心灵相通的小伙伴。更有“Soul荐”算法,秒推最能懂你的陌生人,随时随地聊天分享~还可能找到Soulmate哦!!功能介绍:1.灵魂自测游戏-茫茫人海中找到适合自己的灵魂伴侣。2.星球- 深情把玩3D星球,邂逅喜欢的TA3.匿名的私密blog - 微信微博上发不出的话,默默记录在案,而恰巧有陌生人在意。使用场景:·不喜欢约约约,也不喜欢严肃婚恋,只想找个人说说话·有趣的你,只想找个和自己一样cool的人天马行空地谈天说地·有个自留地,写内心真实的博客,唱心底的歌,给懂你的陌生人·还可能找到真爱哦-Soulmate!!Cool到没朋友的你,快来Soul吧!注册遇到问题,请发邮件给我们:soul@soulapp.cn微信公众号反馈给我们:soulappwithyou或加微信抱怨:soulanduSocial conscience completely free APP, was "outstanding application Tencent recommended", "application to the United States," "Aurora Award" Soul APP is a "warm, fun hearts social APP". The tens of millions of young users, without fear of telling mood, met the love. Many people have become friends, male and female friends, even husband and wife.Jazz musician Hu Shasha (Apple), master illustrator black cat teacher, Ali Baba Pictures producer strongly recommended "Soul" spiritual social software. "Nowadays ultra fire weak social relations, by completing 30 seconds "soul test" to find empathy junior partner. More "Soul recommend" algorithm, most can understand your second push stranger chat may also find Soulmate share - anytime, anywhere Oh! !Features:1. Soul Self Test game - a big crowd find their soul mate.2. Planet - soulful playing 3D planet encounter like TA3. anonymous private blog - unable to pronounce the micro-channel micro-Bo, then silently record, but happens to have strangers care.scenes to be used:· Do not like about about about, do not like serious love and marriage, just looking for someone to talk to· Funny you just want to find people like themselves cool rambled chat· There is a private plots, true inner blog writing, singing the song of the heart, to understand your stranger• You may also find true love oh -Soulmate !!Cool to your friend did, Soul Come now!Registration encounter problems, please e-mail us: soul@soulapp.cnNo micro-channel public feedback to us: soulappwithyouPlus or micro-channel complained: soulandu

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  • 3.0.7
  • Android 4.2 and up
  • June 28, 2018
  • 827b1335717b5d4a8859343e0c5b209d
  • soul—跟随灵魂找到你

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